Product Update - Oct 2023

Product Updates

October 19, 2023

We are happy to release the newest version of our web and mobile apps. It is an update based around improving the in-app search, improving visibility of data via the UI and more. Let's dig into it.

New Search

This version is anchored by a new universal search that allows you to search, trackers, boundaries, addresses, and coordinates. This gives users more flexibility when trying to focus the map on a specific location besides a tracker.

A by-product of this new search is the fact that URLs generated by the search are both dynamic and permanent. This means a search for all trackers that have a name containing “Excavator” will generate a URL that you can save that will always link to a map view of just those trackers. Any that have the name added after will be there and tracker that are renamed to not include it, will be removed. This is a powerful tool to keep an eye on trackers in certain groups. These URLs can also be created and sent via API to our customers who are using the Hapn API. Letting you quickly access follow mode for specific trackers from your own systems.


Address Formatting

We are also adding some additional customization to how addresses are presented in app. Users can now specify if they want to see the Zip Code, Coordinates, County and Country in the Live Tracking and Position Snapshots.

This flexibility in address will be very helpful for more rural or remote areas than rely on county or Lat/Lon for accurate positional information.


UI Improvements

We have also adjusted speed badges to allow the icon to remain visible when the tracker is moving, while also displaying the movement speeds of multiple trackers at once.

In addition to that clean up in the UI, we are also introducing a tracker color selector. This color applies only to the tracker history line, when used in Live Tracking. It will let customers who rely on that mobile only feature to view recent history apply different colors to their trackers, making viewing more than one tracker easier.

We are also including various bug fixes and other improvements.

This launch is all about increased productivity. Easier to use more thorough searches in the app, means less time looking for what you need, and more time to focus on problem-solving. The new address formatting gives you more options for seeing data, and that is always a good thing. The UI improvements make for improved customization and visibility in app, which we strive for.

Dynamic links are the cherry on top of the update. These dynamic links will allow users to get creative and, by using the search once, create pre-filtered views for other users.

We hope you enjoy it.

TJ Chasteen

Product Manager


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