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Keep track of your remote teams during the entire working day. Help them operate more efficiently and guarantee their safety with SOS alerts.


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Improve team efficiency and performance

Use our reliable GPS trackers to promote efficiency in your team’s day-to-day activities, and stayan

“The DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office has been using Hapn hardwired trackers in our patrol fleet of approximately 20 units for over two years now. We are very pleased with how they work. They continue to update their platforms. Our account representative is always willing to help with any issues or concerns.”

John Garoni, Dewitt County Sheriffs Department


Work more efficiently
 with alerts

See precisely where your team members are in real-time — and where they’ve been in the past — to identify ways to streamline travel and to-dos.


Operate more safely

SOS alerts sent right from your trackers provide remote and rural personnel with an easy way to be contacted and located, in case of an emergency at their jobsite.

Manage your team on the go

Manage your team on the go

With Hapn’s mobile app, you can get all the info you need to track, manage, and support every member of your team —
while on the move.

One platform for you and your team

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Live Maps help you see everything

Know in real-time if remote field workers are in the correct location, so you can quickly contact them if needed.


Smart User Permissions

Give each team member the access they need to get their job done with advanced User Permissions.


Simple Insights & Reports

Help your team perform more effectively by looking at historical data and analyzing their movements, time, and much more.


Quick and easy Customization

Customize the names of trackers to avoid confusion in the field, and know exactly which team member — by name — is where.

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