Keep your construction fleet secure and running smoothly

Hapn provides a comprehensive GPS Tracking solution for managing your construction fleet, from equipment visibility and utilization to maintenance and data sharing. With Hapn, you can streamline your operations and focus on your projects, knowing that your equipment is secure and running smoothly.

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Have eyes on your entire business no matter where you are

Monitor your entire operation remotely, whether during the day or outside business hours. Using the Hapn app you can check the current status of your entire fleet on the go. Hapn allows you to manage a wide variety of different equipment, vehicles, and tools across multiple job sites.

“With Hapn's GPS tracking devices, we have been able to cut out the constant search for assets that require preventative maintenance. This has allowed our operation to operate much more efficiently.”

Greg Raymond, Southwest Energy

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Enhance bid accuracy, meet project deadlines

Bid confidently, avoid surprises. Maximize asset use with usage reports, cut rental costs. Streamline navigation with Hapn.

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Boost security, curb unauthorized use

Track all assets, receive alerts for anomalies, aid theft recovery with real-time locations, and enhance security with discreet redundant trackers.

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Optimize equipment value with timely maintenance

Maintain equipment longevity by promptly addressing needs. Hapn provides precise data for timely action, and the app facilitates sharing location and guidance with mechanics.

Prior to implementing a tracking system, we had no way to recover stolen equipment. Now that’s not something we have to worry about with Hapn. We can quickly and easily see where our equipment is. And if it does get stolen, I’m confident we’ll be able to recover it with the GPS trackers.

Trenton Rath, Field Accountant & Safety Manager, HQS Construction

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Share data and access management for teams and stakeholders

Tailor data access for teams and stakeholders with Hapn’s versatile tools, promoting seamless collaboration through controlled permissions.

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Integrate with your systems and processes using our API

Go beyond our system with our API: customize, integrate, and extend functionality limitlessly. Our app’s foundation is our API, granting endless possibilities.

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Diverse hardware choices for any construction site

Hapn provides diverse trackers for powered and unpowered equipment, with various mounting options, rugged exteriors for durability, and customizable features through the software.

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Effortless start with world-class onboarding and customer success

Hapn’s team ensures seamless fleet tracking setup, regardless of fleet size. Opt for guided self-installation or dedicated on-site installers. Partner with our customer success team for ongoing value maximization.

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