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Adopting GPS technology is essential to compete with the largest rental shops

Consolidation in the rental industry is increasing at an unprecedented rate. The largest rental shops are growing rapidly and have the scale, capital, and resources to provide a first-class experience to their customers. For smaller rental shops to compete, it’s essential to incorporate GPS tracking into their fleet. This enables smaller shops to do more with less, operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

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Prolong the life of rental equipment and reduce machine failure

Machine downtime can halt work for your customers for hours or even days. To prevent this, use real-time data to proactively perform maintenance on your equipment before issues arise. By analyzing usage data, you also can avoid scenarios where machine gauges stop functioning. You can easily coordinate with customers and mechanics and use the Hapn app to navigate them to the right machinery. Always maintain your expensive rental assets when needed to make the most of them.

We tried other solutions to track our attachments, but the trackers either weren’t tough enough or relied on Bluetooth. With Hapn’s trackers, we can quickly see the exact location of our items on the lot or on the site, and easily manage our inventory and coordinate our pickups & drop offs.

Brooke Tefft, Vice President at Ring Power CAT

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Enhance your billing process to minimize disputes and accelerate collections.

Utilize real-time engine data to more accurately bill customers based on equipment usage. Quickly address after-hours usage and provide customers with the ability to modify rental agreements. When disputes arise, effortlessly share time-stamped data with customers as evidence of invoice accuracy.

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Get full visibility of your equipment across job sites for more effective inventory audits

Track the real-time location of your entire fleet across all locations and customer sites. Quickly identify which equipment is rented out and which is sitting idle. Receive immediate alerts when equipment leaves or enters job sites, and monitor equipment statuses as they change in real-time. Pickup equipment at the end of a rental cycle by navigating to the equipment and waste less time.

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Boost Rental Revenue by Fostering Customer Loyalty

Improve your customers’ rental experience by incorporating tracking data. Use real-time locations to let your customers know how the equipment is being used and when it will be delivered. Enhance your customer service by offering user access to the same data you can see.

Customer service at Hapn is what sets them apart from other vendors. “One of our core values at C3 Rentals is “Whatever it Takes”. “The Hapn Team will not only take accountability but will also ensure the task at hand is addressed promptly no matter the time of day”. “Working closely with Evan, Misti, and John has been a great experience, knowing our GPS vendor is willing to help and wants to make it work

Haden Anderson, C3 Rentals

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Maximize asset utilization by analyzing rental patterns

Utilize utilization reports to determine which of your equipment is being rented out the most and which is sitting idle in the yard. By analyzing this data, you can become a more efficient rental business by selling off unpopular models and focusing on the most utilized equipment.

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Safeguard your rental equipment from theft and misuse while improving recovery rates

Approximately $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen every year, and less than 25% is ever recovered. Equipment theft not only results in lost revenue and replacement costs but also in increased insurance premiums. Deploying GPS trackers on equipment allows you to receive alerts right away when theft or misuse occurs. You can share real-time location data with authorities to aid in recovery. Using secondary trackers can ensure recovery even if the primary tracker is found.

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Use our API to adapt Hapn to your systems and processes

Our flexible API enables you to customize Hapn to your software, build powerful integrations, and add custom functionality. Since our entire application was built on our API, there is no limitation to what you can build.

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World-class onboarding and customer success makes getting started simple

Hapn’s dedicated customer success and onboarding teams allow you to effortlessly get your entire fleet tracked, no matter the size of your fleet. Choose between self-installation with our team’s guided support and using our dedicated installers on your job sites. Collaborate with our customer success team to maximize the value of Hapn throughout your account’s lifespan.

Flexible hardware to fit the needs of any rental equipment business.

With Hapn, you can choose from a diverse range of trackers suitable for both powered and unpowered equipment. There are numerous mounting options available to cater to various deployment needs. You can opt for a discreet mounting option or choose a rugged exterior design to withstand harsh weather conditions. The Hapn software also lets you optimize hardware features remotely, ensuring optimal performance.

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