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Manage complex security operations across multiple sites from one command center

Hapn provides real-time visibility of various security patrols across multiple sites on one easy-to-use application. Get alerted if a security officer fails to arrive as scheduled and dispatch replacements immediately to ensure a seamless experience. When emergencies occur, see which security personnel are closest to the crisis location and dispatch them to the scene.

“The DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office has been using Hapn hardwired trackers in our patrol fleet of approximately 20 units for over two years now. We are very pleased with how they work. They continue to update their platforms. Our account representative is always willing to help with any issues or concerns.”

John Garoni, Dewitt County Sheriffs Department

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Remotely ensure full compliance with security contracts and invoices.

Use real-time location data and digital checkpoints to verify and prove that security patrols were performed as expected. When necessary, set up physical distancing rules to ensure they are being followed. Share data, reports, and evidence with clients to prove the accuracy of all invoices.

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Offer peace of mind to clients and provide visibility and transparency into their security

Let clients review security team activities so that they can know that they are safe and secure. Share real-time notifications directly with the client so that they know when the security team arrives and departs. Provide transparency and reporting on security drivers and vehicle safety in their neighborhoods.

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Monitor high-value Items and get real-time alerts of any security breaches

Deploy trackers on valuable assets and receive immediate notifications if they are being used or moved improperly. Use the Hapn app to share real-time location data with the police, increasing the probability of recovery.

“Thanks Justin for all the help you did helping use to get our GPS units batched to together and set up for yearly invoicing. Thank for cleaning up our account of dead gps units.”

David Flores, Elk Grove PD

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Remotely monitor high-profile individuals in real-time

Arm individuals with small discrete personal trackers. If emergencies arise, the tracker’s SOS button can be triggered to notify a remote team that assistance is needed. The multi-function SOS button can also be used to regularly communicate to a remote team that the individual is safe.

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Monitor motorcades and convoys with digital checkpoints

Set up checkpoints to get alerted in real-time as vehicles within motorcades and convoys follow their designated route. Get immediately alerted if one vehicle in a convoy is separated from the group. Use personal trackers to associate specific personnel with a particular vehicle in the convoy.

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Hapn's API allows for complete customization to your internal systems and processes.

Hapn’s API is a powerful tool that allows you to tailor our software to your specific needs. By using our API, you can build integrations and add custom functionality to make our application work seamlessly with your existing systems. The entire Hapn platform was built using our API, so the possibilities for customization are endless.

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Tracking hardware options that can be customized to fit any security business's needs.

Hapn offers a variety of tracking hardware options that can be customized to fit the needs of any security business. You can choose from a diverse range of trackers that are suitable for various security applications. There are several mounting options to cater to different deployment needs, including discreet and rugged designs to withstand harsh weather conditions. The Hapn software also allows you to optimize hardware features remotely to ensure optimal performance.

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