Theft Recovery

Get eyes on everything

Make sure assets, equipment, and vehicles are protected against theft, and get alerted right away if they aren’t where they should be.

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Fast and reliable


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Keep your business running

We know that your most important assets keep your business running. Hapn lets you know the second something goes missing, so you can minimize downtime and recover it quicker.

“I love the shortcuts and new features in the update! "I use the ellipsis ... shortcut click feature probably the most", it allows me to quickly access details and view my tracker's positions, it helps with reporting and record keeping a great deal, and it's much easier to access now.”

Phillip Flores, Helpful Hands Inc

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Peace-of-mind with
 GPS trackers

Know that if something does go missing, you’ll be able to track its whereabouts. Depending on where you place your tracker, they’re also an effective theft deterrent, so people will be less likely to steal stuff.

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Pinpoint accuracy for quicker recovery

Gain the confidence you need to react quickly if something goes missing. And get the accurate info you need to contact the authorities so you can recover your asset(s) quickly.

End-to-end theft recovery

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Smart Boundaries & Notifications

Know when an item, piece of equipment, or vehicle leaves a designated area. Get an immediate alert sent right to your device if something isn’t where it’s meant to be.

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Live Map & Follow Mode

See exactly where an asset is on the map, and stay locked onto its position the entire time.

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User Roles & Link Share

Easily grant access and pass relevant information to either internal or external security so you can start your recovery process.

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Time Machine

Go back to the moment an asset left a designated area and piece together what happened by looking at all the historical tracker activity.

Set. Track. Relax.

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