Hapn Highlight - New Search and URLs


October 24, 2023

Hapns new search leads to increased visibility

This week, we launched our October update to the Hapn applications. I want to deep dive into one of the features. This is one of the features that may not be obvious at first, but can be a real boon to any users that have more than one tracker. We improved the in-app search function with this most recent update, giving users the ability to search for more than just trackers. Opening up the search to things like coordinates, counties, and more is the core function of this update. With that comes the ability to save and reuse the URLs generated when searching. These dynamic URLs can have a real impact on how you use your Hapn account.

What can the new search do?

The main change is the fact that more things are now searchable. You can find coordinates, addresses, boundaries and more in the search. Previously, it was limited to searching for trackers. This can be very helpful when wanting to view a spot on the map rather than a tracker, seeing what trackers pass through the area. In rural areas, it can help pinpoint locations by using longitude and latitude in place of the street address. This is especially effective in areas too remote for a standard address.

How do the URLs work?

In the image above, we have searched for a singled tracker. If we look in the web browser address bar, there is a URL, which was generated by the search. We can copy/paste this URL and use it to get right back to following this tracker. It makes it fast and easy to quickly click through the trackers on your account. Click the URL takes you to the most focused mode available.

When using our API to fetch data into your own systems, you can send this URL along with the IMEI request, providing users with an instant link to live tracking from your system.

When the link is clicked, the web browser will swiftly and effortlessly open the specified page in the Hapn web app. If you are not logged in, you will have to when you click the link.

How can I use these URLs?

As previously mentioned, when using our API to fetch data into your backend system, you can also integrate the follow mode URL at the tracker level. This ensures that users of your backend system can instantly access the latest map view for all app trackers. Say goodbye to the hassle of verifying tracker details – simply click a link to open the Hapn web app. It will also lead to easier adoption and increased usage from people outside the main team that manages the GPS. With that quick access from a familiar software, you will get faster buy in to implementing GPS to your operations.

It is also highly useful to look at segments of trackers. Let’s say that you name all trackers that are located in Denver as DEN - 123456. Using the city abbreviation and a serial number to ID the trackers. When you create a search or DEN (Denver) request, you receive a list of trackers named DEN and theoretically located in Denver. The URL generated is dynamic, which means that any additions or removals of trackers will result in updates to the list and URL, reflecting these changes. This keeps the URL you create viable for longer, eliminating the need of constantly creating new links. Sharing that URL grants you all the same benefits as mentioned above, with the added advantage of a larger section of trackers being viewed. Perfect for managing larger accounts.

It can also be a very effective way to quickly share any incident that happens to a tracker. If you notice an asset or vehicle missing after hours, you can immediately provide the URL to another staff member to expedite the resolution of the issue.

These are just a couple ways to use the dynamic links. We hope you find more!

If you would like to talk to our sales team, head here - Sales Team. You can read more about the October 2023 product launch here - Product Update – Oct 2023

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