Product Update | May-23-2023


May 23, 2023

Time Machine

A favorite feature gets a fresh coat of paint and much more.

Time machine has long been a feature that our users have relied on for a look back at the events that happened in the past. That now spreads to our web application! That is certainly not all, let’s dive into what else is in this update:

  • Time Machine web app feature
  • Group alerts based on order criteria
  • Include address or boundary information in alerts
  • External Power Voltage Alerts
  • Power Off/On Alerts
  • External Power Voltage Reports – Positions Report

Time Machine

We are happy to release time machine, in totality, on the web applications. This has been a heavily requested feature, and we tried to take our time with the web version, making sure there is no loss in usability. We also wanted to focus on lowering the barrier to entry on time machine, making it easier to access your data. We added several pre-configured “slices” of time for you to select, making it quicker to see common timeframes of historical data.

Time machine is a core feature of Hapn and we cannot wait to continue improving it.

Alert Groups

We are constantly adding new alerts to our available list, and the list got too long! We have added categories for all alerts to keep them better organized and easier to access. There is also a clickable menu on the left, making navigating the list even quicker.


Addresses on Alerts

We have added more detailed information on the address of triggered alerts. This only applies to the actual notification. If available, the actual address where the alert was triggered will appear in the notification that is sent out.

External Power Alerts

Speaking of new alerts, we have added a suite of power alerts designed to give you data about connected batteries and their status. These are Low and High External Voltage and Low External Battery. These are for users that have trackers wired to battery devices and are using Hapn to monitor not only location, but power status of the connected device. This is a strong increase in functionality for these users.

Power On/Off Alerts

Another new pair of alerts, these are designed for quick information about whether devices are being powered on or off. If you have concerns that trackers are being disabled when in use, this can help you see if that is the case. It can also be useful to simply see if best practices are being followed when trackers are not in use. For instance, powering them down when not in use.

External Voltage in Positions Report

The raw data-centric positions report has a new column added for the connected external voltage. This is useful for certain users who need to plot the voltage of a connected battery over time. It can help illustrate issues with battery charging or other connected power issues.


We are excited about this update. It makes one of our pillar features even stronger and fulfills a major request from many of our users in one swoop. The increased functionality of Time Machine coming to the Hapn web app is a major win, and the other improvements only make the apps smarter and expose more data.

We have even more great features and improvements on the horizon, all informed by you, our users. Keep giving us feedback, using the apps and solving problems. We’ll tell you what happened.

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