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March 21, 2023



So this is a big one. Spytec GPS has a new name! We are now Hapn. There has been so much growth in our company and product that a new name was needed to bolster those changes. For more info on why the name change happened, check out or CEO Joe Besdin’s Blog about it here.

I also want to give a couple of other key figures in our organization a chance to talk about what the Hapn brand means and why it has come about.

Our VP of Product, Marcos Quiros, the floor is yours.

Marcos -

When we launched the Hapn brand, we outlined 6 core promises to our customers: Reliability, Speed, Simplicity, Customer support, Fair and honest billing, and non-stop innovation. This first release of the Hapn apps delivers on each one of those promises. Our new reporting modes, the new ways to control the app remotely, and the many improvements under-the-hood to detect exceptional tracker behaviors show our commitment to reliability. We’re also unlocking our super fast ping rates without changing our pricing, showing our commitment to speed, fair billing, and to supporting our customers. And finally, the all-new, beautiful user interface with new icons for personal and business use shows our dedication to simplicity. We’re super thrilled about the first Hapn release, and we’re just getting started.


Now I’d like to turn it over to Jasan Alvarez, our VP of Engineering, for his perspective on Hapn and the changes:

Jasan -

This new chapter as Hapn is a better opportunity for us to show our commitment to building the fastest and most reliable platform. Just in this update, we are giving a glimpse of how ambitious our hardware integration is with the addition of new reporting modes, the ability to control sensors over the air, and more advanced alerts. Our goal is to give our customers the highest level of flexibility and control over their connected devices while keeping the experience simple and intuitive. Behind the scenes, Hapn is constantly evolving. We strive to future-proof our solution while maximizing performance. Hapn brings it all together with a new look and feel, faster and more responsive apps, a more powerful communication framework with devices, intelligent hardware diagnostics, and many other breakthroughs on top of the well-known reliability of the platform.


This update is about that new name, in part. With that new name comes a new design language. Your apps will have the same features in the same places, but a fresh coat of paint will help bring them into the future a touch. We certainly haven’t left it at that, though. We would not let a new version of the applications out the door without some spicy new features. Let’s see what's what:

  • New app names, styling, fonts and colors
  • New Getting Started video series in app
  • New icons for trackers
  • Tamper Alert for Weatherproof Asset Trackers
  • Vibration commands for GL300 Real-Time GPS Trackers
  • Function Button control for Weatherproof Asset Trackers
  • Increased user control for temperature settings
  • Light Detection for Weatherproof Asset Trackers
  • Adjusted Normal Reporting Mode for Weatherproof Asset Trackers
  • Reporting Modes available for GV57 HW trackers
  • Capable trackers can now show the voltage of the external power source they are attached to
  • Position snapshot now available in follow mode
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

There is a lot going on with this update. Combine all those new and improved features with the fact that you are looking at an entirely new design language, and you can understand why this update is such a big deal.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these changes!

New app names, styling, fonts and colors

Well, this one is pretty obvious. With the new name of the company, we had to update the looks and fonts of the application. The new colors, icons and everything else combine into a new design language that is forward-thinking and focused of what happened.*If8sb-u6xmJiRAr5vzWpwQ.png

Welcome to Hapn

Getting started videos in-app

We have added two new videos in the app help section that are designed to help you get up and running with Hapn’s trackers and applications. The videos feature me, the person sitting here typing this. Actual communication from actual folks, we want to keep it that way.*1gzzSG3BMUQvpWzygncPfg.jpeg

In-app help videos

New Icons

There are all new icons available for your trackers. The design language is different and there are many more options. We have shapes, characters and real-world vehicle and equipment manufacturers logos. This gives you a chance to really personalize the trackers look.

In addition to the design changes, we have also changed the way the icons react to movement, stops and offline statuses. When moving, the icon will have a bright flashing ring around it. When stopped, the icon will be full color, but static. If a tracker is offline, the icon will go into a gray scale.*8gB8_L8IqehUump9cpGa2A.png

New icon design

The Tamper Alert and Light sensor

A new feature for our GL500 series trackers is the rear tamper alert. This is a light sensor that detects changes in the light exposure it can see. The mounting solution for the GL500 Series trackers covers this mount, so when installed, the light sensor detecting a change will mean the tracker has been moved from the mount. This is an excellent feature to make sure your trackers stay in place and only get moved when you want them to.

In addition, there is also a light sensor on the face of the device. This can be used to detect if a tracked container or otherwise enclosed location is opened. It is the exact same principle as the tamper sensor, but is always exposed to normal conditions.

Please note that both light sensors do use some battery power, the front sensor in particular hits the battery quite hard. Subsequently, they can be completely disabled via the tracker settings page.

Vibration Commands for GL300 Trackers

There are two new vibration related features for the GL 300 trackers. The first is a behavior that allows vibration when the SOS or power buttons are pressed. This is a great way to get feedback, ensuring the button was pressed for long enough.

Secondly, we added a vibrate on command option as well. Perfect for finding a lost tracker, this allows you to force a GL300 to vibrate at any time.

Various Tracker Behavior Additions

Several new behaviors have come in for various trackers. The new GV57 Weatherproof Hardwired tracker has a full suite of reporting modes and ignition detection options added.

The GL500 series front button can now be configured to be either the power or SOS button. Please note that if configured as the SOS button, the device will remain powered on until depletion of the battery.

Also for the GL500 series, the “Normal” reporting mode has been adjusted to allow for a user selected stopped update frequency. It is no longer locked at 12 hours.

Position Snapshot Upgrades

Position snapshot is now available in the live map, when tracker history lines are exposed. This can be in the main map for users with 5 or fewer trackers, or via follow mode for all users. This gives users an easier way to access the feature, which previously was only available via Time Machine. Position snapshot is a valuable addition to the real-time experience of Live Map, details matter, so making them easier to access is key.*dMmrnpm8F8ah_1clYG58nQ.jpeg

Position Snapshot

External Voltage Readings

For our newer hardwired trackers, they now have the ability to report back the voltage of the external power source they are connected to. This is very valuable to see power readings on connected vehicles, but is not necessarily a battery charge reading. It will let you stay on top of battery health and see even more data about a connected asset.


Whew. That is a large update. It’s about a new brand. Fast. Reliable. Smart. Those are our core pillars, and we will stand on them. You can rest assured that we will keep those core pillars as we continue to innovate and add features to the apps.

These features are really all about exploring that new functionality that can come from tracker customization. These tracker settings and behaviors give a new level of control and flexibility to their use. Being able to tailor the devices to solve specific problems takes your teams to another level, and we are happy to help.

TJ Chasteen

Product Manager


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