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Xchange Logistics

How Xchange Logistics provides visibility to its customers using Hapn.


Xchange Logistics is a well-known global freight forwarder. Headquartered at LAX with a dozen branch offices all over the world, they own advanced operational equipment, self-operated trucks, operation teams, and an overall storage area of more than 40,000 square feet.

As a comprehensive, end-to-end logistics company,  Xchange Logistics handles ocean and air imports and exports, warehouse preparation, and local transferring –including long haul and local deliveries. Their door-to-door service allows their customers to benefit from additional services that typically require a third-party, without having to leave their company.

With multiple daily shipments to coordinate the operations are complex and increasingly time-consuming.

“We had multiple dispatches to keep track of the drivers on our regular GPS. But, It didn’t have alerts to set up or anything. We had a big customer with a large order and we needed a better way to provide our services and updates –that’s when we found Hapn,” Kiki Situ, Operations Supervisor at Xchange Logistics.


Xchange Logistics handles ocean & air import & export, warehouse preparation, and local transferring, which includes long haul and local deliveries. Handling more parts of the logistics process than most other large logistics companies requires a lot of checking in. This sparked the demand for GPS tracking devices.

Initially, a regular GPS tracking tool was used. However, it became clear that a better and more reliable solution was needed. One that did not require manual check-ins and that could improve the customer experience.

“I always know when shipments are out of the boundaries we set, and I get tons of emails from Hapn that notify me of anything that happens,” explained Kiki. “It’s pretty cool, and it helps me a lot so I don’t need to watch it 24/7. If there is an alert I know I can just click into the app and then check it so I can talk to my driver if needed to see what happened.”Since Xchange started using Hapn, tracking shipments has become much easier. However, there is still a lot to monitor in the process.

“It’s a huge amount of work to monitor because I need to see if the shipment departed successfully and also arrived successfully,” explained Kiki. “We need to monitor 6 shipments per day, then keep track that the GPS device is returned back to the warehouse correctly. And if I just kept asking and sending emails to all those dispatchers, they would go crazy, and wouldn’t reply to me anymore. It’s great I can check where things are as needed with Hapn, and just send an update. It used to take hours. Now it takes minutes.”

Customers often call to inquire about the status of their shipments and require an immediate update. “One giant customer needed to know where their valuables were and that’s kind of what prompted me to find Hapn,” explained Kiki. “It happens every day. I wake up with my daily routine on tracking using Spytec and track all those shipments. Once I receive all those alerts, I check the platform and then I will reply back to the customer with an update. Whenever something new happens, I update the customer and they’re happy.”

Getting set up with more Hapn devices in order to keep customers happy was a smooth process for Kiki and Xchange Logistics.“I purchased devices, and the team at Hapn helped me to set up everything,” said Kiki. “It’s been really really helpful because we don’t have the team to go through to set up all of our boundaries. It took a lot of time, but it’s been so great.”

“For me, it’s really convenient. Keeping track of all my shipments used to be very difficult for me,” explained Kiki. “Now, I have a helpful application and a lot of devices.”

“I can respond to the customer directly. I don’t need to ask, I don’t need to wait, and that’s a very good thing. That’s why I think it’s very valuable. I think it’s the first thing that I know will make my job easier,” said Kiki. Thanks to Hapn, Kiki and her team at Xchange Logistics can handle more packages while saving more time than ever before. This has drastically improved their day-to-day operations.

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