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MSG Leasing’s $720,000 Triumph: Achieving 100% Recovery of Stolen Skid Steers by Switching to Hapn’s GPS Tracking


MSG Leasing, a Carrollton-based heavy equipment rental powerhouse, has been serving its community for over 15 years. With a broad spectrum of services including rentals, sales, auctions, and fleet management, they are a vital resource in the heavy equipment sector.


Despite using a high-end GPS tracking system on their entire fleet, MSG Leasing faced a critical setback when two skid steers, each valued at over $80,000, were stolen from job sites. Their existing GPS tracking software failed to provide any recent location updates, leaving the recovery team in the dark. The inability to track and recover these high-value assets highlighted a significant flaw in their telematics solution.


In search of a more reliable GPS tracking solution, MSG Leasing turned to Hapn. Hapn recommended their battery-powered GL521 asset tracker, specifically as a theft prevention solution. Modern thieves generally are aware of GPS tracking devices and immediately go to rip out hardwired trackers. However, battery-based trackers can be hidden on the equipment making them a much better solution for theft recovery.

To mitigate internal security risks, the tracker locations were known to only three trusted individuals within MSG Leasing. With Hapn’s streamlined platform, the battery-based trackers could easily be slapped onto the equipment and swapped out as needed without prior expertise. MSG Leasing was concerned about constantly needing to recharge units but was pleased that they can be wireless charged in docks. Their team merely needed to throw the trackers on the dock and retrieve them when needed.

“It’s crazy money, 9 × $80,000,” said Bobby Roe, Operations/Fleet Manager.

This not only represents a significant return on investment but also showcases the effectiveness of Hapn’s solution.

And what was most important to them was that the service and platform was dependable when they needed it most.

The MSG Leasing team specifically lauded the ease of using Hapn’s mobile app, which allowed for quick location tracking and recovery—a crucial feature in time-sensitive situations.


The switch to Hapn marked a turning point for MSG Leasing. Since the implementation, they have experienced thefts of nine skid steers across various locations but have impressively recovered all of them, totaling a recovery value of $720,000.

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