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Adventure Boat Rentals Says Goodbye to Guesswork and Hello To Predictability


Boating is a popular recreational activity in Missouri, and Adventure Boat Rentals offers a variety of options for customers who want to enjoy the water. Whether they are looking for pontoons, tritoons, paddle boards, kayaks, tubes or more, they can find them at one of their three locations at Lake of the Ozarks. However, being a leading boat rental company in the area also comes with some challenges.


One of the main challenges that Adventure Boat Rentals faced was how to manage their operations efficiently and safely. They had to deal with situations such as rescues, boat maintenance and lost boaters on a regular basis. They also had to communicate with customers who had active rentals and provide them with assistance if needed.

However, their methods of handling these situations were not very reliable or effective. They often relied on guesswork, phone calls, and even binoculars to locate their boats and customers on the water. This was time-consuming and frustrating for both the staff and the customers.

For example, Wade Falming, Owner of Adventure Boat Rentals said: “I’ve once spent 2 hours trying to find a boat because they didn’t know where they were at half the time.” He also said that sometimes they would ask customers to drop a pin on their phones to share their location but many customers weren’t able to do that.

“With Spytec customers get lost, we’re able to pull up their location right away and start guiding them back to us,” explained Wade. “And, most importantly, when we’re going out and doing a rescue, we know right where they’re at so we can get to their location.”


Wade realized that he needed a better solution than relying on outdated and inefficient methods. He wanted a tool that would help him track his boats and customers for improved operations and safety.

That’s when he discovered Hapn – a GPS tracking solution that would allow him to monitor his boats’ location, speed, fuel level, battery status and more from his smartphone or computer. He also liked that Hapn would enable him to communicate with his customers via text messages or voice calls through the app.

With Hapn installed on his boats, Wade was able to reduce guesswork and save time when dealing with rescues, boat maintenance or lost boaters. He could also provide better customer service by sending them reminders, directions or tips through Hapn.


Using Hapn’s GPS tracking solution, Adventure Boat Rentals was able to improve their operations and safety significantly. They reported several benefits after installing Hapn on their boats, such as:

  • Reduced rescue time: They were able to locate and assist customers who needed help faster and more efficiently.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: They were able to communicate with customers better and provide them with more information and guidance.
  • Increased repeat bookings: They were able to build trust and loyalty with customers who appreciated their service and safety.

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