What Happened with Hapn? | Q2 2023


July 7, 2023

What happened at Hapn in Q2?

Welcome back to our what happened series, taking a look back at what changed over the in this case quarter.

We did have a major launch over the quarter. As such, we launched a healthy amount of new features :

Time Machine in Web

An often requested feature by customers of all ilks, time machine in web was released this quarter. It gives that look into the past that was missing from the web application. It also forced us into some changes to web layout that are going to be carried forward to an even greater extent in Q3. Setting the web application up for future new features is a pillar for the team going forward.

Tech Stack Upgrade

We needed to upgrade one of our icon libraries this quarter, and that lead to some time spent on a look through the tech stack and other much needed updates. This is part of the product cadence, so we will keep doing it as needed!

Custom Tracker Odometer

This allows the user to set the value that the tracking uses to start when counting the odometer. A big win for our enterprise customers, this gives them much better record keeping and more accurate data around asset usage.

Alerts Page Clean-up

The alerts page got a facelift, we organized the alerts into new categories, which helps make managing them much more efficient.

New Data Point in Usage

The external voltage of a connected battery was added to the tracker usage report. This is a key data point for a subset of enterprise customers. The more usage data, the better!

New Alerts

Two new power based alerts were added to the apps as well. More alerts give us more control over what customers can be notified of, which is always a win.

As with all of our major launches, these features are things that started as a user need. We develop based on what customers want and Q2, 2023 was no different. Seeing the usage of these new features is very exciting, as time machine in web has seen a large adoption rate and many happy customers.

What’s going to happen in Q3?

So… Q3, let’s talk about what’s next! We are very excited to lift the lid on what we are working for the next quarter.

Location by Cellular

First is a long term project nearing completion. This project lets us give more detailed information on the current status of your GPS trackers and how we obtained that status. We will be able to give the same accurate GPS locations, but also give locations based on cellular towers when GPS is not available. This allows us to give you much more information about a tracker, no more simple offline statuses. It will also take away some of the anxiety that comes from a tracker losing GPS when it goes underground. If the tracker stays on the same cell tower, we will show you and tell that it happened.

Increased visibility is the focus of this new feature. That visibility will lead to improved tracker cards, position snapshots and even the map. The apps will be more robust and show even more data to you while becoming easier to read and understand. Exciting stuff!

Improved Reporting

We will provide an update to our reports that will enable users to create and save custom reports.

This means that users will be able to generate reports to:

  • see all speeding incidents from the last three days,
  • visualize all boundary entries yesterday, or
  • show excavators with usage between 1,000 and 1,200 hours.

How we’ll do this is by allowing users to filter our current reports and save them under a name. The mobile app will also provide access to these new generation of reports.

This is a challenging task but has tremendous value for users. Imagine being able to quickly view your custom report without needing a computer. The ability to access information on the go will differentiate our solution in the market.

Tracker Tags

Right now, we can classify our trackers by name and description. Because we can filter trackers by name, our customers have found ways to creative use the naming of their trackers, so they can find them faster. That is something that’s even been encouraged by us as a way to extract the most out of the functionality we already have. But name and description can only go that far. That’s why, in Q3, we’ll add the ability to add “Tags” to trackers.

With tags, users will be able to add and remove tags in their trackers. They’ll be able to search by tags, and filter by tags in the live tracking maps and reports.

Those are the things we are shooting for. It’s a high bar, and we are going after it.

For more information, head to www.gethapn.com.

If you are evaluating using GPS for your business, get a demo at https://gethapn.com/get-a-demo/



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