Cell Assist - A New Tracking Tool


August 10, 2023

Cell assist uses cellular towers to improve tracking.

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our latest technology – Cell Assist!

Cell Assist takes asset tracking beyond GPS, ensuring you stay connected to your most valuable assets no matter what. With Cell Assist, we've unlocked a whole new level of tracking capabilities, providing seamless and reliable location data even when GPS signals are unavailable.

Why GPS Isn't Always Enough

We know how essential GPS is for precise asset tracking in real-time. However, it has its limitations. GPS can be sensitive to tracker placement and environmental factors, affecting its accuracy. GPS is notoriously bad for tracking indoors, around tall buildings, or within metal enclosures. Plus, it can drain the battery quickly, making it challenging for battery-powered trackers with non-rechargeable batteries. Our aim with Cell Assist is to address these limitations and provide you with an unmatched tracking experience.

How it Works

Cell Assist is a breakthrough in asset tracking technology. When your tracker can't access GPS, it seamlessly gets an approximate location utilizing cellular towers and our multi-network SIMs. This means you can keep track of your assets without any disruptions, no matter the circumstances.

Speed and Precision

At Hapn, we value speed and reliability, and Cell Assist embodies these principles. By tapping into our multi-cellular architecture, Cell Assist ensures optimal tracking reliability by leveraging the abundance of cellular towers. And the best part? It's as fast as GPS! Your trackers can switch effortlessly between GPS and Cellular, providing you with real-time updates without delay.

Enhancing Battery Life

We understand the importance of extended battery life for your trackers. Cell Assist works beautifully with our battery-powered trackers, providing cellular-based locations when GPS isn't necessary. This smart integration extends the operational life of your trackers, giving you peace of mind for longer.

Seamless Integration with Hapn Apps

Cell Assist is fully integrated into our Hapn web and mobile apps. You won't have to learn anything new; it blends smoothly with the existing interface as if it's always been there. Anywhere you see tracker locations whether it’s the live map or Time Machine, Cell Assist kicks in when there’s no GPS - making sure you stay informed.

A Clear Picture with Natural Language

With Cell Assist, we've added a new layer of information to your tracker's location. Our apps now use natural language to give you a clearer picture of your tracker's status. We’ve enhanced our position snapshots to show you detailed insights about where your asset is, whether it has GPS or not:

Here’s a few examples using natural language:

Example 1

A user taps into a tracker that’s stopped without GPS.

The app says:

“Tracker XYZ is currently stopped at 320 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, CA. The last ping, received 32 minutes ago, at 10:20 am, did not have GPS. However, it was located on the same cellular tower as the previous GPS location recorded at 9:20 am - suggesting it has not moved and is likely indoors. If the tracker goes outdoors, it will automatically reconnect to the GPS network. However, if it remains indoors, it will continue to be detected by cellular towers.”

Example 2

A user taps into a tracker that’s also stopped without GPS, but the app clearly knows that it has shifted locations.

The app says:

“Tracker XYZ is currently stopped within 1 mile of 12196 Laurel Terrace Dr in Studio City, CA. The most recent ping was received 30 minutes ago, at 10:01 am. Although the tracker did not have a GPS connection, it was detected by nearby cellular towers, suggesting that it is likely located indoors. The previous GPS position of Tracker XYZ was registered at 8:00 am, placing it at 320 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. If the tracker goes outdoors, it will automatically reconnect to the GPS network. However, if it remains indoors, it will continue to be detected by cellular towers.”

Works with the Hapn API

Developers using the Hapn API will get access to cellular location data powered by Cell Assist.

For more info on the Hapn API, visit the developers portal at: hapn.dev

Privacy and Security First

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. That's why Cell Assist operates entirely within the Hapn platform, ensuring your location data remains safe and confidential.

Available Now, Free of Charge

We're delighted to offer Cell Assist to all our customers, and it's available for free! You can access it in our web application and the latest version of our mobile apps. No extra costs, no hidden fees – it's our privilege to bring this cutting-edge technology to you.

If you’re considering Hapn to keep track of your assets and you want to learn more about how Cell Assist works - we’re here to help. Just click here to request a demo.


Join the Next Level of Tracking with Cell Assist!

We are committed to providing you with the best tracking solutions, and Cell Assist is a testament to our dedication. Try it out now and experience a whole new level of connectivity and reliability in asset tracking.

Thank you for being part of the Hapn family, and we look forward to continually enhancing your tracking experience with more exciting updates!

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