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August 10, 2023

Cell Assist is the featured topic in the Behind the Feature blog

With the launch of our newest versions of the Hapn apps, we want to take some time and get into the technology that props our new Cell Assist feature up, consider it a behind the feature peek. This is a new way of obtaining location that makes our apps much more capable, and the tech is very exciting. Our Vice President of Engineering Jasan Alvarez is just the man to talk about this new development. Take it away, Jasan:

More than GPS

GPS-Based Asset Location

The most common method of asset location and tracking is through the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS provides highly precise location data, making it an invaluable tool for tracking assets in real-time. However, it's important to note that GPS is sensitive to the placement of the devices and environmental conditions. For instance, the signal can be obstructed by buildings, concrete, metal, and other elements, which can affect the accuracy of the location data.

Moreover, GPS is known to be taxing on the battery, which is a significant consideration for battery-powered devices that are not rechargeable. The continuous operation of GPS can quickly drain the battery, limiting the operational life of the tracking device. Tracking platforms that are heavily dependent on GPS signals for positioning can be limited in their effectiveness and efficiency.

Cellular-Based Asset Location: A Leap Forward

In the face of these challenges, we have turned to alternative positioning strategies, such as approximate location using cellular towers. This method is not just an alternative, but a leap forward in asset tracking technology. Cellular-based location uses the signal strength from multiple cell towers to estimate the location of an asset.

This approach offers redundancy and resiliency to our asset tracking services. It provides a robust backup to locate an asset when GPS signals are weak or unavailable, ensuring that our tracking capabilities remain uncompromised under most circumstances.

Furthermore, using cellular-based location can extend battery life by turning off the GPS when a precise location is not needed. This is particularly beneficial for assets that are stationary or move within a predictable range, as it can significantly extend the operational life of the tracking device.

Hapn's Integrated Tracking Platform

At Hapn, we have developed the fastest GPS tracking platform in the industry, integrated with cellular-based location capabilities. This dual-mode operation ensures seamless tracking without any added latency in the processing. The platform automatically switches between GPS and cellular-based location based on the quality of the GPS data and the need for precision, providing the most accurate and efficient tracking solution.

While GPS remains a powerful tool for asset tracking, they need to be complemented with alternative strategies like cellular-based location. By integrating these two methods, we can provide a more reliable, efficient, and versatile tracking solution.

Cell Assist has a chance to be very impactful, in many ways, for our users. We are excited to get it to you. Hearing from the technical experts really brings into focus some ancillary benefits of cell assist, like the increased battery life, that we might get to hear about without looking behind the feature.

If you want to contact our sales team, find them right this way.

We will be back with more of these behind the app looks at our technology, as told by the experts that make up and lead our teams.

TJ Chasteen

Hapn - Product Manager

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